Professional GAX 18V-30 Dual Charging Bay

Professional GAX 18V-30 Dual Charging Bay

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BOSCH GAX 18 V-30 10.8/12 /18V DUAL CHARGING BAY W/USB PORT - 1600A011AA

The GAX 18 V-30 multi-functional charging bay is the lithium-ion charging solution many tradespeople have been waiting for - a single battery charger for Bosch professional 10.8v AND 18v batteries! Also includes USB port for charging your smaller devices.


  • Dual bay charger for two different voltage batteries: 10.8v and 18v
  • USB port expands your chargers capabilities to allow USB device charging (max. 2.1A charging current)
  • Fast charging of one battery, then the other (first come first serve)
  • New 80 % Full HMI (human to machine interface) that indicates when the fast charge mode is finished
  • Wall mounting option with specially designed casing


  • 0Ah 12v: 45 Mins
  • 5Ah 12v: 65 Mins
  • 0Ah 12v: 85 Mins
  • 0Ah 18v: 45 Mins
  • 0Ah 18v: 68 Mins
  • 0Ah 18v: 85 Mins
  • 0Ah 18v: 107 Mins
  • 0Ah 18v: 130 Mins
  • Battery Voltages: 10.8v / 18v
  • Charging Current: 3.0A
  • Sequential: Yes
  • Simultaneous: No
  • Size (cm): 19.5 x 12.5 x 8.2
  • Weight: 1.65 Kg
  • USB: Yes