Bosch GSR 12 V-EC Cordless Drill Driver Bare 06019D4002

Bosch GSR 12 V-EC Cordless Drill Driver Bare 06019D4002

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  • The Bosch GSR108VECC with more efficient EC BRUSHLESS motor and higher ampere battery delivers more power and more applications per battery charge. 
  • A combination of newly designed upgraded components complement the new EC motor and produce class leading performance.


  • High performance BRUSHLESS motor
  • Best power to weight ratio
  • High performance run time
  • Electronic motor protection (EMP) limits currents and thus protects the motor
  • Switch protection - if the speed trigger is pressed for the first time the required capacitors are charged via the switch which leads to a long-term deterioration of the switch contacts. The new charging circuit keeps the capacitors fully charged for 3 minutes after the trigger is released again. So if the speed trigger is pressed within these 3 minutes again the trigger does not see another peak and thus lasts way longer
  • Electronic protection - electronic is coated and thus less effected by dust and condensed water
  • Full metal gear construction for an optimal power transmission and less wear and tear
  • New brushless motor is maintenance free
  • Open frame construction is for better cooling
  • Fan sits between motor and gearbox and thus cools both - The improved heat reduction increases the lifetime of the motor and gearbox
  • Electronic Cell protection (ECP) for longer battery lifetime
  • Practical to use
  • Belt clip and bit holder for easy transport of the tool and bits
  • Replaceable colour clips make tool identification easy
  • Integrated LED light with afterglow function for illuminating the work area, even in dark places
  • Practical battery charge level indicator with 3 LEDs
  • Lockable 1/4" universal bit holder locks all conventional drill bits and screwdriver bits
  • Optimum torque adjustment for precise screwdriving due to 20 + 1 torque settings
  • Batteies and charger NOT included